Legal & General signs up to The Protection Distributors Group 'Claims Charter'

Launched in 2018, the Charter ensures claimants are given the best support and makes the claims process as efficient as possible. Legal & General’s support for the charter reaffirms its continued commitment to delivering the highest standards for customers

Legal & General, the FTSE 100 financial services company, has signed up to The Protection Distributors Group (PDG) ‘Claims Charter’. Launched in 2018, the Charter outlines a set of standard practices to ensure claimants are provided with quality support and guidance throughout the claims process for protection policies like Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover, making for a more positive customer experience.

Formal support of the Claims Charter reflects on Legal & General’s ongoing commitment to deliver the highest standards to customers when it comes to making a claim. This includes ensuring claimants are provided with a dedicated point of contact, and are regularly updated on the status of their claim as it progresses. As set out in the Charter, claimants’ queries are responded to within 24 hours, and customers are guaranteed to receive a payment for a successful claim within 72 hours, unless there are external factors outside of the insurer’s control.

Legal & General’s partnership with The Claims Charter also certifies intermediaries to be advised when all claims are made, ensuring records can be updated accordingly. This results in lowering the potential for concern to clients and families through the intermediary not having the full information relating to a claim.

Making a claim on a Life Insurance or Critical Illness policy is often a difficult and upsetting time in peoples’ lives. What customers really want at the point of claim is certainty, support and easy access to the information they need. That means delivering a claims process which is both straightforward and respectful.

At Legal & General, we have always been committed to delivering the highest standards.  We focus on a high quality experience for our customers – including those who come to us through an adviser,  as acknowledged at our Business Quality Awards. Our support of the Claims Charter is formal recognition of that commitment to best helping our customers in their time of need

Craig Brown, Director of Legal & General intermediary

We are delighted to see Legal & General sign up the Claims Charter. A smooth and efficient claims process is essential for keeping claimants supported at their time of need. By signing up to the charter, Legal & General has further demonstrated this commitment to their customers.

The PDG’s current membership consists of Assured Futures, Cavendish Ware, Cura, Direct Life and Pension Services, Drewberry, Essential Insurance, Future Proof, Highclere, LifeSearch, LightBlue, London & Country, Roxburgh, Sesame Bankhall Group and St James Place.

Alan Knowles, Chair of The Protection Distributors Group