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Shareholder message

L&G has been made aware that shareholders receiving notification of our AGM may have received a mailing containing the name and investor code of another shareholder. This was due to an operational error during the printing of the mailing for which we sincerely apologise.

We do not believe that the information in isolation compromises shareholders’ security. However, as a precaution on 19 and 20 April we suspended the online share portal. We have worked with our registrars to implement additional security measures and as a result the online share portal is now available.

Read our full statement here



Our business is built on understanding people and their changing needs throughout life. We aim to see things before others do and create far-sighted approaches to better manage our assets and meet our customers’ needs.


Ideas and innovation

We pride ourselves on being able to develop new ideas and disrupt existing markets that aren’t working in our customers’ interests. Understanding the importance of a vibrant digital strategy enables us to run our business more efficiently.


Direct investment

We're able to invest in areas of the UK that not only provide long-term returns for investors, but help create real UK jobs, build communities and breathe life back into some of the biggest cities across the UK.


Pensions de-risking

Defined benefit pension schemes continue to pose problems for companies. We're tackling the UK pension crisis by ensuring that pension promises are kept.


Financial resilience

Many people are unprepared for financial shocks; the loss of a family member, a fire or flood in the home or the realisation that they can’t afford to retire. We help over 10 million people across the UK protect themselves from financial uncertainty.