Legal & General rallies UK retirees to challenge stereotypes through national photo competition

Travelling, family time and freedom from work makes up the modern vision of retirement for UK residents, yet nearly two thirds (61%) expect to work in later life according to new research from Legal & General. Both men and women and those in their 30s, 40s or 50s are largely expecting to work in later life, with less than 10% saying they definitely wouldn’t do so.

The ONS has reported part-time self-employment growing strongly among those aged 65 and above. This shift in views on later life has also coincided with the emergence of the ‘gig economy’, which offers more flexibility with regard to short term or freelance work.

The findings also show that how we think about life after work is outdated. To tackle the retirement stereotypes, Legal & General is launching a photography competition that aims to show what today’s modern retirement really looks like. The competition aims to change the way retirement is currently depicted in print and online imagery. Legal & General will use the winning entries in its advertising and marketing materials, and has a long-term plan to build a repository of similar images.

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It’s time to bin the beige depictions and inject some colour into the way we represent retirement. The winning entries in our photo competition will be those that illustrate later life in all of its various shades.

Meg Dickens, Marketing Director, Legal & General Retail Retirement

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