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Legal & General launches 2010 Annual Report and Accounts as an iPad app for the first time.

Tristán White - Web producer
Tristán White
Web producer

14 April 2011

Tristán White - Web producer
Tristán White
Web producer

Legal & General today launched its 2010 Annual Report as its first app on the iPad. This gives shareholders the option to view the document on their iPad via a special bespoke app, providing an easy and portable way to access the report in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient manner.

Web producer Tristán White (pictured) comments, “I am very excited about how shareholders will respond to our new free app. The iPad is a very intuitive device and is popular with people of all ages. I am currently borrowing my partner’s father’s iPad, who celebrated his eightieth birthday two months ago.

“I am looking forward to the Annual General Meeting on 25 May, and hope to see some of our shareholders carrying our report on their iPads. Apart from the fact that this makes environmental sense, it is also considerably lighter to carry than 232 pages of paper.

“We are also expecting the app to be popular amongst analysts and staff members. Depending on the popularity of the application, we may develop versions for other tablet computers going forward.”

To download the app, users need to visit the AppStore on To get a visual idea of what the app will look like, users can visit the the Annual Report and Accounts microsite at which includes a workable ‘simulation’ of the iPad screen.

For more information please contact:

Tristán White
Internet Manager

t: +44 (0) 20 3124 2097

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