Inclusive capitalism

Our purpose

We aim to build a better society, while improving the lives of our customers and creating value for shareholders. To do this we’re investing in long-term assets that benefit everyone, from housing to renewable energy – we call it inclusive capitalism.

The future of our planet and economy has never been so critical. Using money as a force for good, businesses, communities and individuals can help to make society stronger, creating a world of inclusive capitalism. With the UK still facing issues such as housing, climate crisis and an ageing demographic, discover more about the strategies that could be employed to tackle such matters. We are taking action against companies that are not acting responsibly and investing in urban infrastructure, clean energy, research into how to improve later living and technology to improve lives.

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Our inclusive capitalism website

Read more about how we bring inclusive capitalism to life on our dedicated website. Below are some highlights from the five main categories:

1. Rethinking retirement

Getting better with age
We believe ageing is something to be celebrated, so we’re working with Guild Living to reinstate older people at the hearts of urban communities. But first we must tackle the elephant in the room: we’re an ageist society, and most of us don’t even realise it.
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Living better in later life
Our partnership with the University of Edinburgh aims to improve health and social care for our ageing population.
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2. Tackling the climate crisis

Using data to put a spotlight on Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)
ESG credentials are shaping how we look at companies. We explore how data can shine a light on companies’ ESG profiles and power investment in a better future.
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Five reasons we’re investing in clean energy
We recognise that to support our future, we need to play a role in building a cleaner, greener society.
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3. Investing for good

Five times we’ve asked companies to do the right thing
When we invest our customers’ money, we want the companies we invest in to demonstrate the highest standards of corporate behaviour.
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Will pensions savings fund the infrastructure gap?
With the Government’s plans for infrastructure investment under threat as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, could the UK’s pension pot fund the nation’s infrastructure gap?
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4. Building infrastructure

Building the UK’s newest film and TV studio
We’re working with partners to build a studio that will boost the economy and create thousands of jobs.
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Investing in the future of Newcastle
A cutting-edge development that is leading the way on sustainable urban regeneration is rising in Newcastle’s city centre.
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5. Harnessing technology

Shaping a happy and healthy financial future
Our partnership with Salary Finance supports individuals across society by helping them take control of their finances, allowing them to rebuild their quality of life and focus on what’s really important.
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Investing in innovation to boost the UK economy
Creating innovation networks across the UK is essential to boost the economy. Bruntwood SciTech, a joint venture between L&G and Bruntwood, has commissioned a report on how investment today will drive cities forward tomorrow.
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Telegraph partnership - 'The Power of Us'

We have teamed up with Telegraph Spark on The Power of Us campaign.

We know that building greater, more sustainable economic growth will improve the lives of everyone in the UK. It’s something businesses, communities and individuals can all get behind and work together to achieve. This campaign aims to identify the challenges facing society, then use some of the UK’s brightest, most innovative thinkers to help solve them.

The Power of Us: the future is in your hands.

The Power of Us homepage

What are the six biggest social issues the UK needs to tackle?

Safeguard the planet to save the economy

The hunt for hope beyond Covid-19

We want to protect our customers’ financial lives and add value for shareholders, but we want to do that by investing in things that are good for society as a whole. In this way, more people can benefit from economic growth. There’s no reason why a business has to be less profitable because it’s also socially useful. 

Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive of Legal & General