We often take for granted people giving their time to help others. What would happen if people stopped volunteering? A number of vital services run on unpaid volunteers who play an important role in communities and society as a whole.

It is important to us that we encourage, support and engage our employees into volunteering. We truly believe that people who have a purpose outside of their everyday working role are more motivated, healthier and happier.

We believe that volunteering can be fun and fulfilling, allowing employees to experience many diverse opportunities not always possible elsewhere. Volunteering is built into our culture and wellbeing. We feel it improves confidence, skills, improves health and allows us to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Each employee is given time off during working hours to support volunteering activities. Our employee volunteering policy shows our commitment to encourage employees to get involved. As a reward for volunteering outside of work we offer time matching. They convert their volunteering time to cash for their charity or community group.

Legal & General and Royal Voluntary Service Partnership Case Studies

When a number of their older, more vulnerable customers discussed their problems during phone calls to the Legal & General Home Finance teams, our staff wanted to help but were unsure how to.

Most of these customers live alone and are aged over 50; they are outside the care system or have a limited care support package in place. Some customers had been recently discharged from hospital. 

Royal Voluntary Service is a national charity built on local volunteering which supports people who need it, in hospitals and communities. The partnership between Royal Voluntary Service and Legal & General began in 2014. Since then Legal & General staff have experienced the rewards of volunteering by supporting the charity’s work in the NHS, running hospital cafés and on-ward retail trolley rounds with the support of local volunteers. 

The charity recently helped the Legal & General Home Finance division set up a referral service for older customers who would benefit from additional support. Mrs. J is just one person who has been helped so far.