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For nearly 200 years we have provided financial services to customers across the UK, and now the US. As the UK’s largest provider of individual life insurance products and the biggest manager of corporate pension schemes we are experts in safeguarding people’s financial futures.

Our purpose is to improve the lives of our customers, build a better society for the long term and create value for our shareholders.

This shapes how we work and helps us create our vision of ‘inclusive capitalism’.

We are built on understanding people, how long they live, what risks they are comfortable with and their changing needs throughout life.

  1. £1tn+ Assets under management
  2. The UK’s largest life insurer
  3. Number 1 provider of UK lifetime mortgages
Retirement Institutional (LGRI)

Works with companies, pension fund trustees and advisers to protect the corporate pensions of people who are in, or are approaching retirement by providing secure pension incomes

Retirement Retail (LGRR)

Helps individual customers who are looking for financial security in later life by providing annuities and lifetime mortgages

Legal & General Capital (LGC)

Manages shareholder and customer assets, aiming to improve returns through putting money into direct investments.

Investment Management (LGIM)

We provide investment management services for many of the UK’s biggest corporate pension schemes, with assets of over £1tn.

Our Investment Management business is one of Europe’s leading asset managers. We are the UK’s leading investment manager for defined benefit pension schemes offering a wide range of strategies to help clients manage their investment objectives. In the UK we’re a market leader in auto-enrolled pensions and have a growing retail fund business. We have a rapidly expanding US business and a growing presence in other international markets. Our scale brings responsibilities, which is why LGIM plays an active role in the companies we invest in, from exercising shareholder voting rights to directly engaging with companies at board level.

Insurance (LGI)

For nearly 200 years, our insurance business has helped people safeguard their families' financial futures through providing insurance covering life, critical illness,  disability and long-term sickness.


Our long-term plans are driven by six ‘global growth drivers’:

Ageing demographics

As populations live longer their pensions need to last longer too. Companies have an increasing need to find solutions to their on-going pension commitments which can apply pressure on their financial resources. At the same time, individuals need to ensure that their retirement funds and other assets can finance longer retirements.

Globalisation of asset markets

Asset markets are increasingly globalised and growing – worldwide assets under management are currently around $74 trillion and expected to increase to around $101 trillion by 2023, representing an enormous opportunity for international asset managers. North America, Asia Pacific and Europe are all attractive markets which continue to expand.

Investing in the real economy

Throughout the UK and beyond, there has been a long-term trend of under-investment in major towns and cities. We continue to experience a serious housing shortage, while small and medium enterprises also struggle to achieve scale without access to long-term capital. This encompasses our 2018 growth drivers of ‘Creating real assets’ and ‘Providing today’s capital’.

Welfare reforms

The need to protect people from financial uncertainty continues. This includes helping people take personal responsibility for saving for their retirement, and safeguarding their financial wellbeing and resilience.

Technological innovation

Consumers, clients and businesses look to digital platforms to help organise their finances and working lives. Technological solutions can increase security, improve the way we work and how we access information. This can mean the difference between success and failure in business.

Addressing Climate Change

Scientists, policy-makers, markets and regulators increasingly agree that we must move to a global warming trajectory below 2°C to avoid potentially catastrophic physical risks which will impact global economies, markets, companies and people. This implies transition to a lower-carbon economy, which in turn creates risk management challenges but also substantial new growth opportunities, including in renewables and innovative technologies.

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