Legal & General to trial digital blood pressure monitors for virtual screenings

Legal & General is expanding its virtual screenings capabilities for protection applicants by providing digital blood pressure machines to a selection of customers requiring a medical assessment, and who qualify for a virtual exam.

The scheme, which Legal & General believes is the first time a UK insurer has trialled the provision of blood pressure machines to improve the medical screening process, will be offered via its screening provider, Medical Screening Solutions.

The blood pressure monitor, which is sent to the customer’s home, is easy to use and requires between one to three readings to be taken within a few minutes of each other. The customer logs on to a live video chat with a Medical Screening Solutions nurse who then guides them on how to take their blood pressure. They then provide the readings to the nurse who records the results and submits these to Legal & General. After use, the customer can keep the monitor as it may assist them with their blood pressure management in the future.

Since Legal & General rolled out its remote screening process for Term Life and Critical Illness in October 2020, the insurer has carried out over 1,500 remote screenings helping those applicants complete underwriting and obtain cover that otherwise may have taken weeks to process due to current coronavirus pandemic mobility and social distancing restrictions. The insurer estimates around 150 applicants a month will receive a monitor. Customers who do not have access or would prefer not to use video call will still be supported through the insurer’s existing face to face screening process.

We’re committed to offering cover to as many people as possible and believe this latest innovation, in partnership with Medical Screening Solutions, will improve the journey for those customers who require a medical assessment and who qualify for a virtual exam. We will continue to review the screening process to make the process even easier for customers and closely monitor the trial results to understand the potential benefits in continuing to offer this service as pandemic restrictions are lifted.

David Banks, Underwriting and Claims Director at Legal & General

Our latest partnership with Legal & General will enhance our remote screening service, providing blood pressure monitors to many more customers requiring a remote screening. The coronavirus pandemic has made it much more difficult for those needing medical screening to get access to insurance and this innovative addition will increase the potential pool of Legal & General customers that will benefit from its use, meaning more protection insurance can be underwritten.

Jonathan Benton, Managing Director of Medical Screening Solutions

Today’s news from Legal & General will not only benefit customers, but brokers as well, and this is an incredibly exciting step for the protection industry. Protection conversations are not always easy, however, initiatives like Legal & General’s will ensure that advisers are better-equipped to support customers with innovative solutions and that clients can mitigate very real risk for them and their families. Today’s development will be met with open arms by PRIMIS advisers and I am enthusiastic for what Legal & General’s initiative will deliver for the broker community and end-customers over the coming months.

Vikki Jefferies, Proposition Director at PRIMIS Mortgage Network

This is another great innovative step forward for L&G and will hopefully help more customers through the medical screening process.

Alyson Perry, Protection Manager at Sesame Bankhall Group

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