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Legal & General paid 96% of Group Protection Claims

Martin Noone

Legal & General paid 96% of Group Protection Claims and almost one fifth of industry total in 2015.

  • Legal & General paid 99.9% group life claims in 2015, up from 99.6% in 2014.
  • The insurer paid almost 92% of group income protection claims – GRiD average was 84%.
  • Legal & General’s provision of early intervention and funding all treatment where appropriate meant 595 people were able to return to work before becoming a claim, almost one third of the industry total.

Legal & General paid 96% of all group protection claims in 2015, worth a total of £266m, the FTSE 100 insurer has revealed today. This figure represents almost a fifth (18.88%) of the industry total of £1.4bn.

The insurer is releasing its figures following Group Risk Development (GRiD) recently publishing its figures from 2015 showing the total payments made by the industry last year.

Legal & General’s data shows that they paid 99.9% of group life claims in 2015, an increase on 2014’s figure of 99.6%. The insurer also paid 92% of group income protection claims last year, worth £45m, which is an increase on 2014 and also higher than the industry average of 84%.

Group income protection policies can also provide active intervention to help people return to work before their absence becomes a claim. Legal & General’s policy also funds all treatment where appropriate,  enabling 595 people in 2015 get back to work within the deferred period , almost one third of the 1,878 total reported by GRiD.

Martin NooneMartin Noone (right), Managing Director, Legal & General Workplace Health and Protection, said: “GRiD’s annual figures are a very useful analysis of the value provided by the group protection industry each year, they also highlight Legal & General’s role within the industry. To see that in 2015 we paid nearly a fifth of total industry claims made in the UK is pleasing, so too are the increased proportion of group life claims we paid and the above average proportion of our Group Income Protection claims paid.

“What is most important is being able to evidence our leading proposition to our customers. Our active intervention and funding rehabilitation support where appropriate enabled 595 people return to work before their case became a claim, a near 40% increase on 2014. This represents almost a third of the industry total reported by GRiD and emphasises the many ways we can support both employers and individuals during what can be an extremely difficult period.”



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The Legal & General Group, established in 1836, is one of the UK’s leading financial services companies. As at 31 December 2015, we had over nine million customers in the UK for our life assurance, pensions, investments and general insurance plans.

We’re a leading provider of Group Protection cover in the UK with 85 years of expertise and knowledge. We looked after over 4,500 group protection policies and provided protection to almost two million employees at the end of 2015