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Legal & General on Employment and Support Allowance statistics: "Early intervention support is vital for employers.".

Diane Buckley - Managing Director - Group Risk
Diane Buckley
Managing Director
Group Risk

24 October 2012

Diane Buckley - Managing Director - Group Risk
Diane Buckley
Managing Director
Group Risk

Diane Buckley, Legal & General's Group Protection Managing Director, has this morning responded to the latest Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) statistics released by the Department for Work and Pensions.

The statistics, released quarterly, show that for all new claims between December 2011 - February 2012, the results of the initial Work Capability Assessment (WCA) are:

 -       Decisions have been made on claims - 43%

 -       Claim closed before assessment complete - 34%

 -       Assessment still in progress - 23%


Claimants entitled to benefit - 46%, within this: 

-         Support Group - 26%

-         Work Related Activity Group - 20%

-         Claimants found Fit for Work - 54%


Commenting on the findings Diane Buckley, Managing Director of Legal & General Group Protection said that:

"These new statistics continue to highlight the importance of getting the right support in place to help people at work when they are ill. 54% of assessed ESA claimants were found to be Fit for Work- we believe there is a clear need for early and tailored individual support for employers to help their employees in the workplace."

Notes to editors

The report, 'Employment and Support Allowance: Outcomes of Work Capability Assessments, Great Britain - new claims' can be found here

About Legal & General's Group Income Protection:-

Group Income Protection aims to provide insurance to pay income protection benefit to employees who cannot work because of long-term illness or injury.   When appropriate, we'll provide early intervention and rehabilitation for employees who are absent from work because of long-term illness or injury.  Benefit will only be paid if the employee meets our specific definition of long-term illness or injury.   Our technical guide gives details of the benefits and when we will and won't pay a claim.

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