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Mike Lawler - Legal & General's general insurance business
Mike Lawler
Legal & General's
general insurance business

24 August 2012

Mike Lawler - Legal & General's general insurance business
Mike Lawler
Legal & General's
general insurance business

Despite their best intentions, Brits' DIY tools have gone into hiding, with over 21 million adults (45%) admitting to buying tools they either never or hardly use, based on new research by Legal & General's general insurance business.

Brits spend an average of £103 each on tools that are simply gathering dust, with only just over one in five adults (21%) saying they use DIY tools they have bought on a regular basis.  Men are the worst offenders, spending an average of £116 on unused tools compared to just £87 spent by women.

However, Brits aren't put off buying tools they don't know how to use - two in five (39%) said that they had bought a drill in the last five years yet when Brits were asked about their confidence using a drill almost a quarter, (24%) admitted that they were not confident.

It appears that women are now trying their hands at a number of DIY tasks, as over three quarters (78%) of Brits say that women are increasingly taking responsibility for the conventionally 'male' role of home maintenance compared to twenty years ago and are the new "HandyMandys".

However, what could be more problematic for Brit's are the 35% who admit they have not bought any DIY tools during the last five years, and over two thirds (68%) of Brits who admit that they cannot carry out the most basic home maintenance tasks. This is despite the fact that almost everyone (94%) views home maintenance as essential.

Mike Lawler, Director for Legal & General's general insurance business said: "Despite 65% of Brits buying tools to carry out DIY and home maintenance themselves, there appears to be a lack of knowledge - or a lack of desire - to use them.  Some tools have failed to even leave the toolbox at all, and are instead gathering dust.

"It may be embarrassing to admit a lack of DIY skill but it can also cause costly and long-term issues in a home if important jobs and regular maintenance checks are not done. Unfortunately, 16% of Brits believe that they can claim for their home maintenance and repairs on their home insurance but this is not likely to be the case. For example, damage caused because of the gradual wear and tear to roofing so that, with age, the roof begins to leak or damp patches appear on interior walls will not be covered. This is why it is so important that people understand their responsibility to keep their home in a good state of repair.

"My advice is not to wait until it's too late. For those people who have bought DIY tools, get them out, check they are still ok to use, and have a go at getting some of those repairs done, or if your not that confident get help from someone who is to avoid small problems becoming costly."

Further information on Brits' attitudes to DIY and home maintenance and a helpful home maintenance Checklist can be found in Legal & General's Home Care & Repair Report at

Notes to editors

Research was conducted on behalf of Legal & General by Vision Critical of a nationally representative sample of 2,015 UK 18+ adults. The research was conducted between 6 April 2012 and 30 June 2012.

Figures based on data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) which estimates that the size of the UK 18+ population was 48,385,800 in 2010.

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