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Comment by Malcolm Cooper, director for pricing and underwriting for Legal & General’s general insurance business on the level of Escape of Water (EOW) claims.

Malcolm Cooper - Underwriting Director - Legal & General Insurance
Malcolm Cooper
Underwriting Director
Legal & General Insurance

08 August 2011

Malcolm Cooper - Underwriting Director - Legal & General Insurance
Malcolm Cooper
Underwriting Director
Legal & General Insurance

"As the Association of British Insurers (ABI) figures highlight, escape of water claims at over £2million per day are costly to customers and insurers alike.

We are in support of the ABI’s campaign to highlight this issue. We feel that an important part of keeping the cost of household insurance cover down in the future is to improve awareness of the preventative measures that may be taken to reduce the risk of damage from escape of water.

Often, just a few simple maintenance checks and adjustments could prevent the financial loss.

For example, ensuring that the seals around a bath or shower are in good order, checking the heating is in good working order, checking that exposed pipes are lagged, checking that the water supply in outbuildings, such as a garage or shed, is turned off and ensuring that properties are inspected during periods of extended unoccupancy.

Recent history shows us that freeze events often strike around Christmas or New Year, a particularly hard time to experience misery and hardship, along with the difficulty of contacting contractors during an extended holiday period.

We all have an active role to play in increasing awareness and providing advice to limit further and future damage, inconvenience and misery. Certainly advisers have an important role in encouraging their customers to conduct regular checks and where needed make possible improvements to their property to reduce the impact, whether they are a homeowner or a landlord. Passing handy tips to tenants to make them aware of steps they should take to protect their belongings is also important, particularly if they are likely to be away or on holiday.

Efforts such as those outlined by Legal & General and the ABI will be a great help in enabling insurers to charge a fair premium for this risk and so customers continue to benefit from affordable competitive cover, wherever possible."

Further advice on home maintenance that may help to reduce the risk of damage caused by an escape of water and the house insurance cover from Legal & General is available online at

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