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Cash Family Challenges from Legal & General WorkSave.

Helen Buchanan - Legal & General's Distribution Director - Workplace Savings
Helen Buchanan
Legal & General's
Distribution Director
Workplace Savings

23 May 2011

Helen Buchanan - Legal & General's Distribution Director - Workplace Savings
Helen Buchanan
Legal & General's
Distribution Director
Workplace Savings

The final two episodes of the “The Cash Family Challenges” are;

  • Peter Cash learns about IHT – inheritance tax – Peter wants to make sure his children do not pay more tax on their inheritance than they have to – what should he do?
  • Janie Cash writes a will – Janie is wondering whether she should make a will – will it be worthwhile?

The WorkSaveTM platform from Legal & General launched “The Cash Family Challenges” to help employees discover how to make informed financial decisions about managing their own savings. They form a series of fun and interactive episodes that mimic real money issues in ‘true to life’ scenarios, each with a story setting out different financial issues.

Legal & General’s Distribution Director Workplace Savings, Helen Buchanan, commented: “This has proved a useful way to boost interest to encourage employees to log in regularly to their account – where they’ll find all the episodes. Employees can access the latest two epsiodes via the ‘Learning Zone’ on their Workplace Benefits website. Our Cash Family Challenges have helped to ensure regular contact with employees and, we believe, been instrumental in stimulating them to take a look at their own workplace pension or ISA.”

Previous episodes are also available for scheme members to view:

  • Sam Cash has maxed out her credit cards on hair extensions and holidays in Ibiza – Now she's struggling to pay her rent.
  • Jonathan Cash has gone into the red – Jonathan Cash has noticed a number of charges in his bank statement and wants to know what he can do about it.
  • Anna Cash needs to balance her budget – Anna Cash has recently become a mum, and it's made her think about money in a different way.
  • Janie Cash buys some shares – Janie would like to buy some shares, but she's unsure how to go about it.
  • Sam Cash takes control – She's realised there are pros and cons to owning a credit card, and has decided to find out more to make sure the card she's got is right for her.
  • Sam Cash gets rich – inheriting £6,500 Sam is unsure what to do with the money left after paying her debts – what would you do?
  • Anna Cash wants a home of her own – how does she go about it?
  • Anna and Jonathan Cash take the plunge – they want to buy their first home together, but can they afford their dream home?
  • Peter Cash considers remortgaging – Peter wants to help his son and daughter-in-law out.

The series of different scenarios involving various members of the Cash Family are each available as an interactive module on the WorkSave web site. Employees can view the series by logging on to the “Manage Your Account” portal – the online access to the member’s pension scheme. Each episode is full of useful information on a wide range of financial subjects in the form of a story followed by a mini-challenge (that takes around 5 minutes to complete). Or if employees don’t have the time they can go straight to the facts to learn the essential details and get some useful tips on how to deal with any debt problems or seek financial help.
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