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Why Britain needs long term thinking

Whilst covering many of the issues from the blog, Nigel Wilson discusses the hit we took when Osborne announced people would no longer be forced to buy an annuity and resulting redundancies around the business.

He also remarks that he "hasn't given much thought about the worst outcome from the election yet", but believes neither the Tories nor Labour have a convincing plan to reduce the deficit.

As a champion middle distance runner, Nigel Wilson has a good claim to being the fastest FTSE 100 chief executive on two legs. But when it comes to investment, he likes to take things slowly.

The outspoken boss of insurance giant Legal & General is a tireless advocate of ‘slow money’, or very long-term investment, which he sees as the antidote to the quick profits mentality that held sway before the financial crisis, at the banks and beyond.

Wilson has been using L&G’s multi-billion pound balance sheet to invest in UK plc, ploughing into urban regeneration, private rental accomodation, student housing and retirement homes.