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Legal & General support new "saver badge" with Girlguiding UK

Legal & General will sponsor a “Saver badge” for Girlguiding UK and plans to invest substantially into a financial literacy scheme.

Head of personal investing, Dame Helena Morrissey, (as featured in The Times) emphasised that the badge would help highlight the practicalities of money management to children, but acknowledges that it’s not a solution to promoting financial literacy amongst the young.

The new badge has been created under a scheme designed to promote financial literacy among teenagers and young women. The Saver badge will help with the understanding of cash management, weekly spending and saving.

As well as learning how to run their financial lives more smoothly, girls aged ten to 14 will be encouraged to think about other forms of saving such as reducing waste and energy usage.

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We are aware, of course, that financial education is part of the national curriculum but really it is only just scratching the surface in terms of financial know-how.

Helena Morrisey, Head of Personal Investing for Legal & General Investment Management