£1 trillion+ of firepower can change the way property and capitalism works

Speaking in Biznow, CEO Nigel Wilson explains how Legal & General is making an impact in the world of residential, but failings baked into the UK system over the past 35 years make it slow going.

Biznow describes Legal & General as the UK’s largest investment manager, and among the 15 largest in the world, with more than £1 trillion of assets.

Both Nigel, when it comes to Legal & General as a whole, and Bill Hughes (Head of our property division), have undertaken a radical change at the company, which was once considered a fairy typical, sleepy, conservative investor. To institute that kind of change in a company with almost 10,000 employees, Nigel points to a perhaps overlooked factor: emotion.

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Nigel Wilson

We have a very collaborative culture, both internally, and when it comes to partnerships with local authorities... We have some clever, hard-nosed financial guys that get pretty emotional when they see some of the things that are happening. They can see and feel the changes we are making in places.

Nigel Wilson