Chris Knight

Chief Executive Officer, Legal & General Retail Retirement

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Rethinking retirement

Chris Knight describes in the Industrial Strategy blog how traditional retirement is an old fashioned way of thinking.

In 1964 Bob Dylan released ‘The Times They Are Changin’. He was right; for every generation from boomers to millennials – change keeps coming.

Today’s sixty-somethings are caring for their parents and providing a roof for their own children. Today’s 70 year olds are also the first generation to have grown up and lived their lives with the support of the National Health Service.

Our thinking is rooted in what our customers tell us, and they are saying loudly and clearly, that traditional retirement is an old fashioned way of thinking and that over a senior life there are dreams and ambitions, learning and loving, ambition and challenges.

So we focus our research on how to improve senior quality of life in five key areas: health; income; housing; advice and community.

With action, coordination, research and longer term thinking the next decade can capture the amazing benefits to our society of millions of fulfilled and secure senior lives.

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