Prepare and enjoy your retirement… stop trying to predict it

Legal & General sponsored a discussion led by to promote Inspired Village’s ‘101 ways to enjoy getting older’ campaign, with Durrant retirement village being the venue of choice to discuss how to make the most of your retirement.

Many of those who are in retirement today are very much accustomed to the ‘cradle-to-grave’ welfare state that was formed after the war in the late 1940s – but much has changed since then. Today, people are living longer and their needs have changed, with concerns brewing on the ideal amount you need in a pension pot and how it can be topped up. It was a great way to openly discuss retirement plans and how residents ‘enjoy’ getting older.

“How can you prepare for the unknown? The reality of retirement can be quite daunting”

If you were to look up the word ‘retirement’, the image often portrayed is of couples in linen clothing, walking hand in hand on sandy beaches at sunset - yet we know that the reality is very different. Spending habits change over time as spending in early retirement (travelling, downsizing, etc.) slows down as worry creeps in about if there is enough in the pot to leave behind for loved ones.

People tend to save their income for today, an amount for ‘just in case’, and savings. This attitude doesn’t need to change once in retirement – investments can be made in many ways that help top-up pension pots, for example, freeing money locked within property. When preparing for retirement, you might want to split your savings into four pots: Cruises/travelling, everyday spending, rainy-day savings and inheritance to leave behind. These could all be bolstered by investing into options such as stocks and shares portfolios.

 “Finances are not too much of a worry for me. I’m active and in many ways and don’t wish to ‘retire’ at all!”

The aspect of retirement has changed massively – some people want to do the things they perhaps couldn’t earlier, others don’t feel they can due to the cost of bills and yes, there are people that don’t want to retire at all! By leading active lives - be it in a social capacity, part-time working or volunteering - we all want to live our later lives in the best way possible. By preparing for our retirement – whatever that may mean to the individual – we can inspire each other to embrace our latter years rather than dread them.

Villages like this [Durrant] create communities and socialisation that can help you hurdle emotional problems – not just financial ones. You can feel disconnected, be it physically from a loved one passing or an emotional disconnection from grandchildren due to their use of the latest technology. By preparing yourself and embracing the communities formed in villages like this can give you the inspiration to really make the most out of retirement. We are grateful for Legal & General money that helps fund villages like this – it’s certainly the future for UK later living.

Gloria Hunniford, OBE