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LGIM calls for end to unnecessary quarterly financial reporting


Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM), one of the largest investors in the UK plc, has issued a letter to the Boards of FTSE 350 companies outlining its support for the recent regulatory change that removes the requirement for companies to disclose financial reports on a quarterly basis.

The letter (attached), from LGIM Chief Executive Mark Zinkula, states that reporting which focuses on short-term performance is not necessarily conducive to building a sustainable business as it may steer management to focus more on short-term goals and away from future business drivers.

LGIM acknowledges that the management and boards of companies will ultimately make appropriate judgments as to the relevance of their quarterly reports, based on their unique business environment.

Mark Zinkula, Chief Executive at LGIM, said:

“As a major investor of shares and bonds of UK listed companies, invested through both active and index funds, we highly value the communication we have with management teams. For many businesses, we believe, reducing the time spent on frequent reporting could help management to focus more on long term strategies and articulate more on market dynamics and innovation drivers that will enhance their performance over time.

 “Some companies have already chosen to discontinue quarterly reports and we are supportive of their actions.”



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