ESG Investors

“Inclusive capitalism can deliver better returns by unlocking pension money and putting it to work building better societies, tackling the climate emergency, reducing inequality, closing the infrastructure gap and fostering a new intergenerational contract.“ Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive Officer
Inclusive Capitalism and ESG

We think about the long-term ESG impact of our businesses, particularly in terms of:

1. How our businesses operate

2. How we invest our £95bn (ex. Derivatives and cash) of proprietary assets

3. How we influence as one of the world’s largest asset managers with £1.3tn AUM

Inclusive Capitalism naturally aligns to ESG principles
Inclusive Capitalism is not new to L&G, it is what we do, and have done, for years

We can deliver strong, consistent returns for shareholders because we are economically
and socially relevant

In order to provide further transparency and data to our stakeholders, we intend to report under the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Insurance standard at the same time as our AGM (20th May 2021).

ESG resources

Corporate Responsibility Report

   - CSR targets

   - CSR data centre

Gender pay gap report

Climate (TCFD) report

LGIM active ownership report

LGR ESG Policy


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