We’ve already put over £16bn into direct investments. Some key schemes include our urban regeneration projects in Salford, Cardiff and Bracknell, with future projects being set up in other areas of the UK. Other exciting developments include building modular homes and help address the UK housing crisis.

Nigel Wilson

We’re totally committed to rebuilding Britain and creating new jobs, homes and communities. Because we need to match our long-term pensions liabilities with better yielding returns, we’ve committed ourselves to a multi billion programme of direct investments in housing, infrastructure and SME financing.

Nigel Wilson

By moving our investments from traditional traded assets to direct investments, we can deliver higher profits and increase the amount we invest. By doing this we can demonstrate our commitment to being economically and socially useful by helping to build more homes, renovate communities and invest in small businesses that create real jobs.


committed to UK investment


build to rent homes in Salford


stake in Salford’s MediaCityUK


new jobs in Cardiff