We've an important purpose which, as well as delivering growth for our investors, is designed to help customers build financial security and the whole of society to benefit from our economically and socially useful activities.

2017 highlights

Transparency20+ business areas tested through the Responsible 100 network. We have increased our data and disclosure around taxation, carbon, diversity and pay.

Community investment£3.7m contributed into UK and US non–profit organisations.

Financial literacy6,200 students and 379 teachers reached through our secondary school financial education programme.

Responsible investments£14.4bn invested in urban regeneration, housing, clean energy and SME finance.

Tax£1,234m our 2017 total global tax contribution of which 94% arose from our UK business and 6% from our overseas business.

Social enterprises£600k out on loan in Wales, Croydon and Sussex to 29 social enterprises, through the SE-Assist fund.

Sir John Kingman, Chairman

We believe that successful companies are those that understand the importance of behaving responsibly for the good of society and acting in the interests of their customers.”

Nigel Wilson Group Chief executive Officer

Living our beliefs

We believe that working together and putting the needs of our customers at the heart of everything helps us build a better society for the long term.

We share a sense of social purpose, pride and awareness of our status as a catalyst for economic improvement; we work together to create products, services and solutions that can improve people’s lives.




Our focus areas

We also recognise that beyond our own strategy we play a wider role in the world to improve society, the economy and the environment. As such, we have linked our focus areas to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Strengthening our corporate governance and sustainability policies, reviewing our business principles and ensuring our people embrace diversity and inclusion.

  • Our key focus in 2017 has been about understanding and measuring our culture, using a range of metrics, and actively managing a programme of initiatives in each business area. This is designed to ensure we are embedding a positive culture based on our business principles and behaviours, celebrating our successes and recognising contributions, and, finally, addressing areas for improvement.

  • 60

    mental health first aiders trained across the business to support employees.

  • 91%

    response rate in our employee survey, providing a voice for employees.

Ensuring our products and services are available to the widest range of social groups and that we support customers who become vulnerable.

  • We provide financial safety nets for millions of people and support the UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ to alleviate poverty in the countries in which we operate.

    We develop products and services beyond what national governments provide for their citizens and have a responsibility to ensure that we market these products and services to the widest set of social and economic groups as possible.

  • £1,004m

    loans advanced through our lifetime mortgage business to help older people to manage their finances in retirement.

  • 250,000

    customers helped by Salary Finance, a company which specialises in providing loans and building financial wellbeing for employees.

Taking action to make our investment activities more sustainable and embrace Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. This applies to our own direct investments, pension scheme investment funds and social investments through mechanisms such as social stock exchanges and community share schemes.

  • It’s important that our customers and shareholders understand clearly which areas we are investing their money in. Many key areas have emerging economies which need to be funded over the long term in an economically viable, social useful and environmentally impactful way.

  • 370

    meetings held by our corporate governance team, board composition, executive pay and climate change being the top three focus areas.

  • £225m

    investment in the regeneration of Cardiff Central Square in Wales has seen over 2,000 people employed in the city.

  • £1 billion

    invested in our build-to-rent developments.

Running our business in an environmentally sustainable way, creating products and services that support a low carbon future, influencing the companies we invest in to act in an environmentally resilient manner and ensuring that our direct investments support the aim to limit climate change.

  • The global temperature increases we will experience in the coming decades will profoundly impact people’s lives, including our economies. In order to minimise the most damaging consequences, global leaders have agreed to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 - 2°C above pre-industrial levels. It is an ambitious but achievable target if we can meaningfully shift our methods of generating and consuming energy globally towards low carbon alternatives.

  • 11%

    reduction in our group carbon from last year

  • 22%

    reduction against our baseline in our carbon on real assets investments

Community engagement

We work with the community to support four distinct areas of focus: our employees, volunteering, education and social enterprises.

We have a long history of supporting charities and good causes. By listening to our employees, we explore new and innovative ways we can support communities and charities close to their hearts.

  • £44,000

    was donated to small grass-roots charities requested by employees to support “small charities donation month”.

  • £500K+

    was given by employees including matching through our payroll giving scheme.

Case studies

Following our meetings with the Responsible 100 network we have increased our data and disclosure around taxation, carbon, diversity and pay.

  • Supporting Women in Finance: 50/50 by 2020

    We continue to regularly monitor our progress on diversity and inclusion. In 2018 we are renewing our focus on attraction and hiring practices.

  • Vulnerable customers

    We undertook an independent internal review of our vulnerable customer programme. We are encouraging more not-for-profit training for our employees.

  • Not a Red Card campaign

    The awards were launched on 19 October 2017. We provided Mental health support and training to managers, implementing and embedding the Stevenson/Farmer review recommendations. We now provide support to critical illness sufferers and their families through RedArc.

  • Responsible investments

    Our Venture Capital and SME investment programme, including our ‘SE-Assist’ product, has made investments in more than 100 UK based companies. Prime areas of focus have included technology, analytics, life sciences and digital healthcare.

  • Housing schemes

    Major new housing schemes acquired in Berkshire and Oxfordshire, as well as acquiring land for the first ever build-to-rent scheme to be delivered in Brighton. Our English Cities Fund will double its investment in cities and towns in England to £200 million, as it looks to acquire more major urban regeneration schemes.

  • Climate change

    We publicly committed to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure, which sets out guidance on reporting so that our clients may better understand climate-related risks and opportunities.


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