Building a stronger society through financial solutions

We aim to help UK consumers plan for the future and build financial ‘safety nets’. Market inclusion data highlights how poorer sections of society are excluded from the benefits of financial services. Therefore we work with thought leaders from the charity sector to help us shape our views and deliver products and services to help social groups.
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Our businesses are responsible for providing an increasing number of these ‘safety nets’ to millions of people in their time of need. We want to inspire people by showing how well we deliver these responsibilities to our customers over time, and how many customers lives have changed as a result.

In the five years from 2017 we are committed to:

  • Improving our products and services to support vulnerabilities in our customers’ lives.
  • Directly addressing mental health problems in the developed world through enhancing our products, services and investments made available to customers.
  • Designing and distributing our retail products so they are accessible, transparent and easier to purchase through innovative product design and justifying the way we circulate our products.
  • 20% of real assets we own or invest in to have an economic and a social value
  • Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM) engaging with investees on key themes that will help create stable societies, namely: diversity, health, technology, income inequality and access to affordable financial services.
  • Consulting governments and companies to promote more disclosure on income ratios and address US companies on gender diversity
  • Legal & General Capital (LGC) will incorporate Environmental and Social Governance performance into their investment strategy for the companies we invest in
  • Long term investment into social housing