Our sustainability strategy is governed at the highest levels within Legal & General Group.

Board level accountability

The Group Corporate Responsibility and Ethics Committee (GCRE) is a committee of the Group Board and provides at least a yearly update on the Environmental, Social and Governance Performance of the Group.

The Group Board and Executive Committee is given a yearly update of our latest materiality position with key stakeholders a summary of the group’s key deliverables and oversight of the forward looking targets.

All of the board come to our yearly Chairman's Awards for Employees.

GCRE Delivery Committee

The Group Corporate Responsibility and Ethics Delivery Committee (GCRE) meets at least four times a year and consists of people who own ESG Targets on behalf of the Group. The Committee’s role is to:

  • Initiate an independent materiality assessment with stakeholders
  • Own and progress public targets
  • Highlight any areas of emerging ESG risks and opportunities raised by stakeholders during the year
  • Set and integrate the Group’s Ethics Policy (PDF, 587KB) across the company.
  • Ensure that the companies responsible business policies are fit for purpose
  • Produce a yearly report on the Group’s ESG performance in the form of a sustainability report
  • Support increased disclosure of non-financial reporting and ESGS risks within the annual reporting process.

We have formed a number of sub-committees to deliver against targets as and when required.

  • Group Health and Safety Committee
  • Group Environment
  • Group Charity Committee
  • Sustainable Property Investment Committee
  • Group Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion


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