Market inclusiveness data

Product and customer data

L&G Customer base vs UK Population by Segment

Segment Description UK Population % Group  %
Basic Beginners Cost conscious individuals on low incomes with little financial sophistication  20% 11%
Striving Transactors Tech savvy, time conscious individuals with high levels of digital engagement starting out on their financial journey 15% 17%
Switched-On Planners Affluent young families enjoying life whilst preparing for their future 11% 23%
Sensible & Secure Middle income and mature, secure and comfortable with their finances  19% 24%
Constrained Greys Low income older singles and couples with little financial engagement 11% 6%
Wealthy Demanders Wealthy, financially sophisticated couples, either retired or approaching retirement 7% 9%
Contented Seniors Retirees enjoying a comfortable life from their modest pensions  16% 10%