“Our inclusive capitalism agenda has never been more urgent or important. The unforeseen consequence of the pandemic has been more inequality and we risk a K-shaped economic recovery; we’re matching words and deeds to help level up society and build back better. Our purpose sets us apart in our response to Covid-19. The human and economic cost of the pandemic reaffirms our commitment to inclusive capitalism as the only way to do business responsibly.”

Nigel Wilson, Group CEO

Journey to net zero

We have a decade to prevent catastrophic climate change so Legal & General’s journey to net zero is our most critical commitment.
As a global organisation working over generations and decades, rather than just years and months, we can use our scale to embed long lasting reform. Our active stewardship is already changing the environmental behaviour of hundreds of other corporations. As a responsible business we are also building our own journey to net zero. 
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Building a better society

We rely on our societies and, as they change dramatically in the next 20 years, we are going to create positive change. We know that new economic and social infrastructure must be delivered. We have already ploughed £26 billion into direct investments such as future cities, housing and clean energy – it is what we call ‘inclusive capitalism’. 
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Growing our business responsibly

Responsibility is the cornerstone of building strong, trusting and lasting relationships with millions of customers from one person with an L&G annuity to a corporation whose employees save into a workplace pension we operate. Responsibility means that we design our products and services to support our journey to net zero and embody our vision of ‘inclusive capitalism’. Responsible behaviour inside the organisation begins with our employees and their behaviours, their satisfaction at working for us, their ambitions and their wellbeing. We want to ensure that our people embrace diversity and inclusion and embody the business principles which our Board establishes. 
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Sustainable development goals

In 2015, 193 countries signed up to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established as a route map to delivering a sustainable global economy. The key outcome of the SDGs has been the increased allocation of investment capital to social objectives. At Legal & General we have aligned the SDGs with our three journeys.

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Corporate social responsibility

If you want to contact our CSR team or have any comments or feedback on our economic, environmental, social or governance performance as a business please contact:

Sara Heald

Sara Heald

Group Head of CSR

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Lynne Sheehy

Lynne Sheehy MBE

CSR Manager Cardiff

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Nicky Mihalop

CSR Manager

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