Sir John Kingman, Chairman

We are committed to being a responsible business in everything we do. We recognise the growing importance of sustainability and we are building an increasingly diverse business, having already taken action on gender diversity.

Sir John Kingman Chairman

Nigel Wilson, CEO of Legal & General

The biggest issue in Britain today is still how we build greater economic growth to improve everyone’s lives. We need to invest to create real jobs and better infrastructure to transform our cities and towns and boost productivity.

Nigel Wilson CEO of Legal & General


Key shareholder information

Full year dividend 16.42p 2017: 15.35p

Final dividend 11.82p 2017: 11.05p

Annual General Meeting 23 May 2019

Financial performance

Operating profit #£2,335m 2017: £2,055mAMP Pound sterling

Earnings per share 30.79p 2017: 31.87pPound sterling

Return on equity 22.7% 2017: 25.6%AMP Pound sterling

Profit before tax £2,102m 2017: £2,061m

Net release from operations £1,440m 2017: £1,454mAMP Pound sterling

Solvency II coverage ratio 188% 2017: 189%Pound sterling

AMP The group uses alternative performance measures (APMs) to help explain its business performance

Pound sterling Used to determine variable elements of management remuneration

# References to 'operating profit' in the Strategic Report represent 'group adjusted operating profit', an alternative performance measure defined in the glossary

What we do

Our Strategic purpose is to improve the lives of our customers, to build a better society and to create value for our shareholders. We always take a long-term business focus, whether it’s managing assets, understanding the changing patterns of how long people live or delivering solutions to meet our customers’ changing needs throughout life.

Our business areas

Investing and Annuities

We aim to provide reliable and secure pension income for individuals and corporate pension scheme members, investing an increasing share of our assets in various types of direct investments.

Legal & General Retirement Institutional (LGRI)
Legal & General Retirement Retail (LGRR)
Legal & General Capital (LGC)

Investment Management

We provide corporate and individual investment management services, looking after the investments of many of the UK’s biggest corporate pension schemes.


We help people safeguard their families’ financial futures with life, critical illness, long-term sickness and general insurance.

Legal & General Insurance (LGI)
General Insurance (GI)

What makes us different

Asset management

We’re one of the world’s largest asset managers

Longevity expertise

We’re a leading longevity and mortality expert

Our unique space

Combining asset management and risk Expertise

We’re able to do this because we understand both the asset and liability side of financial services.

The impact we make

Our ecosystems

Our business areas work together, delivering our strategic purpose and driving synergies across the group.

We refer to this approach as an 'ecosystem'. We've developed two important ecosystems:

Retirement ecosystem

Our businesses work together to provide customers with a suite of products across all aspects of their retirement journey by offering a range of retirement solutions, which are themselves interconnected.

Retirement ecosystem

Housing ecosystem

Our business areas combine their strengths to provide a broad range of housing options for customers for the fundamental housing-related needs at every stage of life.

Housing ecosystem

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