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Nigel Wilson, our CEO, gives his commentary on the issues affecting the financial services industry and our customers.

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There is so much money around — we need to spend it on our cities
3 July 2016
Every Sunday morning, Nigel Wilson sends a “particularly insightful” email to his senior staff, asking them “not to do anything, just to think about things”. The subject of last weekend’s musing was inevitable.
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Post-referendum, now is the time to rebuild our economy
1 July 2016
There is $10 trillion of global money earning negative returns, waiting for a more productive home. The UK has underinvested in infrastructure and housing for 30 years.
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Britain needs an industrial house-building revolution to tackle housing market failure
14 January 2016
We need to self-determine success through excellent execution, not blame our failures on others.
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Nigel Wilson: UK plc needs constant, disruptive renewal
4 January 2016
We need to invest in assets for the long term, not shareholder gains, says the chief executive of Legal & General, the largest UK shareholder.
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Better late than never for clean energy in the UK 
17 August 2015
The UK has the opportunity to become a leader in green energy.
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It's not just first time buyers who need help in today's housing market 
1 June 2015
Announcing a major new study into last time buyers, Nigel Wilson argues that more must be done to ease blockages in the housing market.
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The equity culture is a fairer way to spread gains 
9 April 2015
Unlike in Europe, America’s virtuous circle means equity investments at the heart of Silicon Valley get recycled from established successes. 
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Why Britain needs long term thinking 
8 April 2015
Whilst covering many of the issues from the blog, Nigel Wilson discusses the hit we took when Osborne announced people would no longer be forced to buy an annuity and resulting redundancies around the business. He also remarks that he "hasn't given much thought about the worst outcome from the election yet", but believes neither the Tories nor Labour have a convincing plan to reduce the deficit. 
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We must take a bolder approach to welfare reform 
21 March 2015
The Chancellor failed to resolve three crucial issues in his Budget.
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