Our Operating Model.

How We Create Value

This chart shows how our businesses work together to maximise synergies across the group.

Intra-Group synergies

Legal & General’s six divisions work seamlessly together to provide unique expertise and innovative financial solutions to our customers.

  • Our LGIM, Insurance and Savings corporate businesses use their combined strength to build our defined contribution (DC) footprint
  • LGIM and LGR are forging stronger links to deliver solutions for existing clients
  • LGIM works with LGC to expand its direct investment capabilities in property, commercial lending, asset finance and infrastructure investment
  • We’ve started integrating Legal & General Investments (LGI) with LGIM, allowing our customers to benefit from LGIM’s scale and low cost manufacturing
Chart showing Legal & General's businesses work together to maximise synergies across the group

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Each of our group segments is responsible for achieving business success in their individual areas, but they also work together to deliver the best results for our customers businesses and society.


We’re experts in financial management but our strengths lie in three areas:

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Investment experts
We’re one of Europe’s largest institutional asset managers and a major global investor. We manage £709 billion in assets for more than 3,000 institutional clients. Our investment expertise covers a wide spectrum of asset classes including equities, fixed income, commercial property and cash. Our capabilities range from indextracking and active strategies to liquidity management and liability-based risk management solutions.

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Longevity and mortality experts
We’re recognised as a leading longevity and mortality expert. We’re committed to continually developing this expertise. We’re associated with a number of external longevity science institutions. We collaborate with University College London on population ageing, where we sponsor two undergraduates. We also support the Longevity Science Advisory Panel (LSAP), an independent panel of leading authorities who are experts on longevity issues.

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Housing experts
Our expertise in the housing market helps people in every area of housing. We recognise that there’s a desperate shortage of quality housing. We use our knowledge to partner with organisations such as Shelter to help develop government policy. We’re involved in several areas of home building, financing home building for social housing private-renting, homeownership, for students and for the elderly. Our mortgage and surveying businesses help people find the right home and a suitable home loan. Our insurance business provides cover for life, critical illness, sickness, unemployment as well as protecting buildings and contents.