Corporate Governance.

Legal & General is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance.

This table provides our Corporate Governance Report for 2016 together with the reports for the subcommittees of the Board.

Corporate Governance Report PDF (1.22 MB)
Directors' Report on Remuneration PDF (524 KB)
Audit Committee Report PDF (104 KB)
Nominations Committee Report PDF (171 KB)
Group Risk Committee Report PDF (81 KB)

This table sets out the terms of reference of these committees, along with the formal letter of appointment.

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference PDF (243 KB)
Nominations Committee Terms of Reference PDF (210 KB)
Audit Committee Terms of Reference PDF (50 KB)
Group Risk Committee Terms of Reference PDF (214 KB)
Sample Non-executive Director Letter of Appointment PDF (58 KB)
Articles of Association PDF (252 KB)


We consider a diverse Board to be extremely important, be that diversity of thought, background, experience or gender. In 2012 we published our Board diversity policy which the Nominations Committee considers throughout the candidate search process.

The Committee encourages female candidates and candidates of diverse backgrounds by:

  • Engaging an executive search firm that is a signatory to the executive search firms' Voluntary Code of Conduct
  • Liaising with the search firm to produce a brief that includes an appropriate emphasis on diversity of skills and background, independence of approach and other personal qualities, in addition to career experience and compatibility with the values and behaviours of existing Board members, with a view to enhancing the overall effectiveness of the Board
  • Encouraging the search firm to produce long lists which include women and other diverse candidates of appropriate merit

The Committee will also consider high-performing women and other diverse senior executives who may not have previous board experience for executive and non executive directorship roles, subject to potential candidates meeting the regulatory requirements for a board director of a financial services firm.

The Committee is also working to further strengthen the representation of women among the non-Board senior management who may be the Board members of tomorrow.

Board Diversity Policy PDF ( 22.1 KB)