How we do business.

We know our customers rely on us, whether it’s protecting against unforeseen circumstances, helping to save for retirement or investing money wisely so that it grows over time. To meet these expectations successfully as a business there’s a number of ‘raw materials’ that we need to bring together.  

We focus on buying these in the right way to ensure they’ll be available in the future. We need:

  • A good supply of people
  • Transportation to move our people around
  • Natural resources to run the business, such as energy, paper and water
  • IT systems to ensure information is available at the touch of a button
  • Good relationships with other financial services providers to move money/data around
  • Buildings that provide a clean, tidy and effective working environments

To meet these needs, we require goods / services from suppliers and in return we commit to:

  • Treating suppliers fairly and objectively at all times
  • Paying suppliers in accordance with the agreed terms and deal with any exceptions in a timely manner
  • Selecting suppliers without consideration of the gender of their employees or their ethnic origin
  • Selecting suppliers without consideration of the number of their employees or their location, unless this would create unacceptable risk to us
  • Working with our suppliers to support improvements in their social and ethical practice
  • Continuously improving our knowledge of socially and environmentally responsible supply chain management practices

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