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Many savings, life assurance, mortgage repayment and pension plans last for 20 years or more. With such long-term financial commitments, it is important to invest with a company that will still be going strong when your policy matures.

Legal & General Assurance Society is one of the UK's higher rated companies for financial strength. Three of the world's leading independent rating agencies, Standard & Poor's, Moody's and A.M. Best, have recognised this. This means that our customers can be confident that we will be there for them when they need us and that we will remain secure even through the difficult times.  

We offer products to help both our corporate and individual customers protect themselves, their families and their homes. We also provide many different ways for customers to save for the future and their retirement. For more information on the products we sell, please take a look at the table below.

Our products are designed and priced so as to be accessible to the large majority of UK individuals and families – we aim to extend access to financial advice and hence financial inclusion.

Risk Savings
We help to safeguard customers against financial risks.We help customers with financial planning, savings and investments.
Individual protection
Covers individuals or families against financial losses arising from defined events such as death, disability or critical illness.
Unit trusts
A relatively simple form of collective investment that enables customers to invest in a wide variety of assets.
Group protection
Products that are designed for employers to offer as a benefit to their employees. They protect employers, employees and their families by assuming the risks and associated costs of an employee falling ill or dying while in employment.
Individual savings accounts (ISAs)
Make it possible for customers to invest in cash or equities, up to a defined annual limit on a tax efficient basis.
Bought by people converting a lump sum (often money saved in a pension scheme) into a lifelong income.
Investment bonds
These combine life assurance features and the facility for the customer to invest in a variety of investment funds.
Bulk purchase annuities (BPAs) or pension buyouts
BPAs are offered to companies wishing to transfer all or part of the responsibility and risk from company pension schemes to an insurance company for a negotiated price.
Pension products make it possible for individuals to save for retirement in a tax efficient way, either through a personal pension or as part of an employer’s scheme.
General insurance (GI)
Focusing on household insurance, we insure buildings and their contents.
Structured products
Investments that aim to minimise the risk of capital loss while still offering some equity exposure.
Housing network
Our network of mortgage advisers provides a link with mortgage lenders, sourcing mortgages for clients and facilitating sales of Protection and GI products.
With-profits products pool customers’ money. Investors receive bonuses as a result of direct participation in surplus profits.
Investment Management International
Our investment products for institutional and retail customers.Our overseas products.
Index funds
We have £202 billion of index funds under management (as at 30 June 2010). Rather than making individual stock picks or assigning particular weightings to certain sectors, index funds aim to replicate the return of an equity-tracking or fixed income index.
Term assurance
Covers which helps protect your loved ones financially in the event of your suffering from a defined event such as death, disability or critical illness.
Fixed income
We provide actively managed equity and fixed income funds that aim to produce a higher return than the market over the medium to longer term.
Group protection
Products that are designed for use by employers to offer as a benefit to their employees. They assume the risks and associated costs of an employee falling ill or dying while in employment.
Risk management solutions
We provide a range of derivative-based investment approaches, such as liability driven investment (LDI) and equity risk management, aimed at helping pension funds meet payments to members when they fall due.
Wealth management
A variety of long-term savings products tailored to the requirements of savers and investors in specific markets.
We are a significant investor in UK commercial property and is active as a landlord and in site developments on behalf of property fund investors.
Unit-linked savings
One of our core products that is becoming increasingly popular in selected international markets.
Private equity
Our private equity business, LGV Capital, is well established in the UK mid-market and has a 20-year history of successfully backing management teams in growing the value of their businesses.

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